Company goal

As the name of the site indicates is a place where we provide electronics production services from top to bottom. is one of the MICROBOTIC company groups where we "create solutions".

Through experience in the field of electronics production we are able to guarantee the fulfillment of our clients needs in various industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost efficiency and any other requirements specified by the customer.

Online shop

We have the most friendly website for online orders. Without logging in each guest of the site has the option of automatically evaluating PCB board, SMD template, or assembly. After account registering the user also gets the option to place an order online without unnecessary exchange of correspondence. The order can be paid automatically and we immediately proceed to its implementation. During this process the customer has the ability to control the progress of work using the user panel. The only condition for this process is flawlessly prepared documentation.


All PCBs produced in undergo optical and electrical tests. Thanks to this process satisfaction of our clients is at such a high level.
Among other things, thanks to these activities we can ensure the highest quality of services provided by us.

Lead time

We know that in addition to the quality of manufactured products, the second most important factor is the shortest lead time, which is essential for engineers at the prototype stage. 95% of our products are delivered on time.

Fair Play valuation

We have a transparent valuation structure that does not have hidden costs. The valuation at is one of the most competitive in Europe, thanks to which we carry out projects not only for customers from Poland, but also from abroad.

With our products we want to reach even to the most price-sensitive customers - hobbyists, students. We try to rise to the challenge even for the smallest production batches to help our clients save time and money.

Customer service

Each order is supported by a qualified engineer, thanks to which you can be sure of professional service in the shortest possible time. If you need a specialist advice, you can contact us by e-mail or start a chat conversation. We'll try to help you as soon as it possible.

No minimum order

We also implement prototype and small production batches.


Dissatisfaction and errors happen from time to time. Thanks to our policy you can be sure that if the mistake was due to our fault, then you may file a complaint. Read more about this in the regulations.