PCB Capabilities

Item Production capability
Number of layers Prototypes: max 12 layers / Mass production: 1 – 8
Type of material
FR-4, CEM-1, HTG(170), Rogers(RO4003C), Aluminum
Material thickness Min 0.4mm---Max 4.0mm
Copper thickness 17um, 35um, 70um, 105um
PCB thickness 0,4----2,4 mm
Solder Mask color green, white, blue, red, yellow, black, other – by recommendation
Max board size 1 layer and 2 layers: 510 x 750 mm / multilayer: 500 x 600 mm
Min track width 4mil/0.1mm
Min track spacing
Min hole size 8mil /0.2mm
Surface finishing HAL, HAL lead free, ENIG
Contour finishing CNC Routing
Quality standard IPC-A-600G CLASS Ⅱ